Norman Reedus: A Man of Many Hats

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Blade 2: It’s Scud, Like Stud

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"We have a great time connecting with fans" (x)

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"Hey, so I’m never gonna get this chance again. Can I just get fist bump from anybody?"

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The Walking Dead Meme: [2/20] Characters

Merle Dixon

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why do you like Merle?


First of all, I love an imperfect person. For me flawless is boring and imperfection is interesting, there is nobody who doesn’t have any flaws.

I feel like I wanna cry whenever I think about Merle. About how much he loves his baby brother. Yeah he definitely failed to protect Daryl, he wasn’t there when Daryl needed him. But I think he was also the one who should have been protected by adults. And he tried to protect him as much as he could, the fact he didn’t know Daryl’s scars proves it because it means Daryl didn’t get those awful scars in front of Merle. Why didn’t he? Because Merle stood against their damned father to defend him when he was there and could do, and probably he got beaten because of it, instead of Daryl, in spite of the fact he was a kid as well. He did it because he’s an older brother. I think there were some moments where he wished Daryl hadn’t been born, if so his life would have been much easier. He wouldn’t have needed to be beaten to protect a helpless kid and would have left his home earlier. But he couldn’t. Because Daryl was there and Merle loved him. Merle was just a kid who carried scars just like Daryl.

Probably the way I think like this is derived from the fact I’m the youngest in my family. Undoubtedly Merle is an ass, there were enough reasons why Rick handcuffed him and the group left him in the middle of the dead’s city, he behaves as a dick even after joining the prison. But no doubt about his love to his brother. He proudly talked about Daryl in Woodbury and tried to look for him no matter how much it would take a risk like going against the Gov’s demand. (Look at how the Governor casts a cold glance at him when they talk together while he’s playing golf.)

He said to Michonne he wanted to be with his brother but he knew Daryl wanted to stay in the prison with the group, so he tried to make it stand firmly. He literally gave his life for his baby brother. Merle isn’t a good person that everyone loves, but I just can’t hate him whatever he did. He never said kind words to Daryl, never hugged him even when they had a talk in the prison and I guess Merle partly knew it would be the last moment with his brother. But I feel it’s so real since I also suck at expressing my love to my big brother and sister. So, this is the answer probably, I think I’m similar to Merle in some way. I really can’t hate him, didn’t hate him every second of every day.

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This is how I pictured the cast rolling up to SDCC.

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